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Dr. Ignat Ignatov, Biophysicist

Head of the Scientific and Research of Medical Biophysics, Sofia, Bulgaria

Holder of Swiss Prize 2003, Vernadskij-Price 2003, Chizhevski Prize 2005, Hahnemann´s Prize 2007,

Koch Prize 2008, Robert Koch Medal 2008





Different laboratories worldwide have researched the Reiki influence effect. There is data accumulated for medical effects in cases of grave illnesses. The US Reiki Research Foundationâ€s analyses are especially valuable.

In Europe there is also evidence for the medical effect of Reiki. Detailed analyses of Reiki effects on model physical and biological systems have been made by William Lee Rand. Dr. John Zimmerman of the University of Colorado has proven changes in the magnetic field of the palms of Reiki masters. Dr. Barnard Grad from McGill University in Montreal studied Reiki influence on plants. Dr. Robert Miller made an analogous study with rye.

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The research of Prof. Konstantin Korotkov from Russia is leading in the sphere of the Kirlian effect.

The only place where scientific tests involving three methods have been made is the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics. During the Swiss Prize nomination in 2003, the President of the Basel Psi Congress, Prof. Alex Schneider, appraised biophysical studies: â€It is imperative to show modern society not only the efforts of the healer in scientific research. It is also essential to prove the anticipated medical effects on people. The methodics applied by the Bulgarian team (Dr. Ignatov, Prof. Antonov, Eng. Galabova and Eng. Stoyanov) are a bridge between biophysics and medicine. In very short terms the research gives a clear answer to the question of oneâ€s bio-abilities.â€

The world famous Reiki system started to get popularized in Bulgaria in the end of the 90-ies of the last century. The first Reiki initiations I am acquainted with were made by students of the Grand Reiki Master Sameer Kale from India. These are Larissa Kovalyova from Ukraine and Ekaterina Stoyanova. In 2002 Dr. Kale began making initiations here. In Bulgaria, each new methodic is perceived better by society when accompanied by scientific evidence for its efficacy. I was invited to a lecture of Dr. Kale by Reiki Master Ekaterina Stoyanova. She is the director of the Bulgarian Reiki Center. Together with Prof. Anton Antonov, DPhSc, we effected tests on people initiated in Reiki. The group was organized by Stoyanova. The tests were made according to two authorâ€s methods for biophysical fields testing in 2001.

The first method is a spectral analysis of water with the device of Prof. Antonov (1983) after bio-influence in â€give†and â€take†mode (1998). The method for spectral analysis of water is defined as a differential non-equilibrium energy spectrum (DNES).

The second method is a perfected Kirlian effect with a transparent electrode of Prof. Antonov (1984). It is defined by Prof. Antonov as a high-frequency selective discharge (HFSD). The bioelectric aura of man is tested. I have co-authored both biophysical fields tests (1998). I am author of the methodic for Color Kirlian spectral analysis (2007).

Tests have been also effected with a third author methodic of mine regarding alterations of temperature indicators of man after bio-influence (1995).

The three scientific research correlate at a level of 0,1%. At present, analogous tests are successfully made regarding alterations of temperature indicators with thermo vision. In Bulgaria these tests are made by Dr. Vassil Marinov. In Germany a thermo vision test is applied by Dr. Klaus-Peter Schlebush in the International Academy for Spiritual Healing, headed by Christos Drossinakis.

Theperfected Kirlian effect testing was applied to 18 people. The average effective width of the Kirlian aura was elected as its parameter.

For people without bio-abilities, this result is 6,3 mm.

The excellent result for people with abilities is 8,7 mm.

Nine of the participants were tested with the DNES method.

The effective variance between the results obtained in â€give†and â€take†energy mode is of exceptional importance in evidencing unique abilities. Initial tests indicated that Reiki is analogous to â€take†energy mode.

The norm for excellent result in â€give†mode is -1,1 µÐµV. The norm for excellent result in â€take†mode is 1,1 µÐµV. Their variance is defined as effective energy. It is an indicator for the bio-abilities of a particular man. If the quantity of at least one of the results in absolute value is 3,5 µÐµV, and the other is 1,1.µÐµV, then the bio-information abilities* are exceptional*.

With biophysical parameter 0.001 electron volts (eV) proves the alteration of the avarage energy of the intermolecular bonds among water molecules. This connection between oxygen atom from one water molecule and hydrogen atom from another ist particularly sensitive to weak energy currents and fields. The stronger the influence, the stable the cluster formations of water molecules.

Over 800 persons pretending to have bio-information abilities have been tested in the 12-year practice of SRCMB. They are representatives of over 30 countries. Hundret one of them have displayed exceptional results, of which 53 were phenomenal. A result is exceptional when the effective energy is at least -4,6 µÐµV. A result is phenomenal when the effective energy is at least -7,0 µÐµV.

Phenomenal results have been achieved by Christos Drossinakis,  Harald Seidler, Aleksi Simeonov,  Tanya Metodieva, Angela Zellner, Boryana Toteva, Polya Ivanova, Stefan Hirschle, Dr. Igor Akszjonovics MD, Anne-Marie Risbjerg, Isabella Petri, Carmen Schulze, Tatyana Hristova, Aryan Khoschbonyani, etc.

What is the scientific explanation that Reiki is equivalent to â€take†energy mode from the water bottle to the hands of the man who effects the bioinfluence. When a man attunes to accept Reiki energy, this flowâ€s direction is from the surrounding environment to him. This means that the bottle registers it with a direction from the surrounding environment to the body. For the model system this is equivalent to â€take†mode. The energy directed from the body to the bottle is â€give†mode.

The SRCMB web site carries additional information (Reiki) for the people who have developed their abilities only with this methodic. Such information is not carried for people who have been initiated in Reiki after they have proved their bio-abilities. Yet Reiki has helped them increase their results in biophysical tests.

Besides ability proving tests, SRCMB conducts tests with a specific scientific purpose. Tests were effected according to a joint authorâ€s methodic with Prof. Antonov (1998) for the study of the change of the bioelectric aura of man who is being influenced in a bio-information way. The Kirlian auras of the bio-operator are also tested. Over 200 people who have undergone bio-influence have been tested. The changes of the electric auras of over 100 people who have effected the bio-information influence have been established.

In over 70% of the cases, the electric aura of the bio-sensitive was torn after the first man he/she influenced. Very few people with manifested abilities preserve their aura after the second person. This may turn out to be a serious problem for the â€bio-field†of a bio-sensitive after several procedures. In these cases the â€morbid†energy of the ill person is â€negative†for him/her. It was a scientific challenge for me to prove whether a Reiki master could store his/her electric aura after Reiki influence. This is an unquestionable proof that he/she is being charged with Reiki energy. Reiki master Isabella Petri agreed to take part in such an experiment.

With Isabella Petri we executed an experiment for the testing of her Kirlian aura after Reiki influence with black-and-white and color photography. The result was more than astounding. Upon the study of the effect from the Reiki influence of Isabella Petri, the electric auras of M. K. and S. G. whom she was influencing, increased.

The following pictures show the Kirlian-Auras of the Reiki-therapist Isabella Petri and the clients M.K. and S.B.:

Black-white-weiß-Kirlian-Aura of Isabella Petri
before Reiki-Treatment:
ø Width: 10,7 mm

Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of M.K.
befpre Reiki-Treatment
ø Width: 7,0 mm

Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of Isabella Petri
after Reiki-Treatment of M.K.:
ø Width: 14,7 mm

Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of M.K.
after about 30 Minutes Reiki-Treatment:
ø Width: 12,3 mm

Left: Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of S.G. before Reiki-Treatment

Right: Black-white Kirlian-Aura of S.G. after Reiki-Treatment

The Reiki-Treatment was lasting about 20 Minutes. Average width of black-white Kirlian Aura of S.G.: before the treatment: 4,6 mm; after the Reiki-Treatment: 8,7 mm.

Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of Isabella Petri after Reiki-treatment of S.G.

Not only did her aura remain intact, but it increased its size after the first person. After the second person, the aura also preserved its integrity. It remained enlarged compared to its initial stage before the Reiki influence. This is an incontrovertible evidence that Isabella Petri is â€charged†with energy through a methodic defined as Reiki.

Together with the black-and-white Kirlian photography, analyses were executed on the color bioelectric auras as well.


Color-Kirlian-Aura of Isabella Petri before Reiki-Treatment

Color-Kirlian-Aura of M.K. before Reiki-Treatment

Lets make a detailed analysis of the changes in the auras of M. K. and S. G. Before bio-influence, the color aura of M. K. was 90% violet and 10% blue. The base was pale whitish blue and red. After the Reiki influence, the base became brighter. A cyan colored (bluish green) corona was observed and the blue color was almost preserved.

Color-Kirlian-Aura of M.K. after Reiki-Treatment

The respective aura of Isabella Petri was violet, with a red periphery and a small blue area. After the Reiki influence it increased its area. The interesting thing was that before the Reiki influence on the second person, the base of the electric aura of Isabella Petri became brighter containing about 25% cyan. The blue part was increased in comparison to the preceding one. The unique thing was that after the Reiki influence on S. G., as a whole, the color configuration was preserved, but the colors were brighter.

Color-Kirlian-Aura of Isabella Petri befor Reiki-Treatment at S.G.

Color-Kirlian-Aura of Isabella Petri after Reiki-Treatment at S.G.

The aura of S. G. before the procedure was strongly non-homogenous with a 45% missing emission. The colors were red, orange and blue. After the Reiki procedure, the aura was 100% homogenous with 80% red and 20% blue color.

Color-Kirlian-Aura of S.G. befor Reiki-Treatment

Color-Kirlian-Aura of S.G. after Reiki-Treatment

The second test is also an indisputable proof that Isabella Petri is â€charged" with energy through a Reiki methodic. Objective results are also proved on people â€charged†with Reiki energy.

Four elements were executed in the spectral analysis with water. In â€give†Reiki mode, no statistically reliable result was obtained. In Reiki mode with Master initiation, the obtained result was outstanding †3,1 µÐµV. Upon Reiki influence for I level, it was 1,8 µÐµV, and for the II level it was 1,6 µÐµV. The interesting thing was that with the Reiki Master result, a maximum was observed in the spectrum at -0,11eV. This maximum is characteristic for the improvement of the conduciveness of tissues and Chinese meridians. We have proven this dependence with Prof. Antonov in 1998. This is one more proof for a bio-resonance between Reiki energy and biophysical fields of man. In biophysical fields, bio-resonance was proven in 2005 with my author research and analyses. The founder of the bio-resonance theory is Prof. Alexander Dubrov from Russia in 1980.

Color Kirlian photography proved a result after Reiki initiation level I of M. L., effected by Reiki Master Tayana Hristova. The Kirlian aura changed from 65% red, 10 % blue and 25% violet to 40% red, 15% blue and 55% violet after Reiki initiation.

Color-Kirlian-Aura of M.L.befor Reiki-Initation in 1st Degree



Color-Kirlian-Aura of M.L.after Reiki-Initation in the 1st Degree


Color-Kirlian-Aura of Reikimaster Tanya Hristova before Reiki-Initiations

A three-level Reiki initiation was performed on Petya Stoyanova by Reiki Master Tatyana Hristova. The result was demonstrated with black-and-white Kirlian photography. The mixed aura of Stoyanova changed into a strongly expressed corona. The harmonization of the life energy helped her heal her headache and further her bio-abilities. The black-and-white aura of Hristova was very interesting with its secondary halo. Her color aura, respectively, has remote trains as an indicator of bio-information abilities.

Black-white-Aura of Petya Stoyanova befor Reiki-Initiation

Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of Petya Stoyanova after Reiki-Initiation                                                                                                                                  

Black-white-Kirlian-Aura of Tanya Hristova before Reiki-Initiation


In color Kirlian photography, the basic conclusion I define is that the more prevailing the yellow, orange, blue and violet colors are, the stronger is the expression of bioinformation abilities. This is a breakthrough in the objectification of manâ€s bio-abilities.

The average result in color analysis depends on the percentile distribution of the colors in the electric aura.

The red color is characteristic for the photons having the weakest energy. When found independently in the electric aura, it is characteristic for pathologies.

Cyan is rarely to be seen. There is an empirical accumulation of evidence that it is characteristic for people with manifested bio-abilities.

The â€â€Memory†of Water†international program enjoys exceptional popularity. After the conclusion of the bio-influence on samples done by most eminent healers, said samples are being tested each month. The experiment ends when the results are no longer statistically reliable.

Besides bio-healers, the following Reiki masters took part in the first â€â€Memory†of Water†international program †Ekaterina Stoyanova and Boryana Pencheva. Tatyana Hristova took part in the second program. At present, work is ongoing for a third international program.

Interesting tests were effected with Reiki Master Georgi Grozdanov in the Plovdiv University by Dr. Slaveya Doncheva and Dr. Evelina Daskalova. He succeeded in improving the growth of plants with Reiki energy.

The authorâ€s concept is that the origination of living matter is impossible without water having a memory. Thanks to this property, water is the bio-computer that preserves structures already created. Biophysical fields have come into being upon the origination of living matter. Reiki is the life energy, which is part of Space and helps us be in harmony with Nature.

Dr. Sameer Kale and the Bulgarian Reiki-Masters are not members of the International Reiki Alliance.

Participants of the Reiki-Conference in Teteven in March 14, 2008 with Stoyanova, Hristova, Petri, Dr. Ignatov, translator Mincheva, Eng, Grozdanov and Nesheva in front of the Bobevski House (since 1852) of the family Nikolovi

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